Seeing the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

He began constructing it in 1882 and when things go as planned the construction will be finished in 2026. Gaudi was a really spiritual man.
Structure the church was so important to him that later in his lifetime he worked exclusively, and even jumped onto the construction site and dwelt there. Gaudi’s other impressive architectural endeavors in Barcelona have become important tourist attractions nevertheless, the Sagrada Familia is his masterpiece.

Through the Spanish Civil War and the next rule of Franco, not much work has been performed on the Sagrada Familia. Actually, at this time Gaudi’s workshop has been burned. Fortunately, lots of his designs to the palace were rescued. Though the models he’d constructed of the church had been smashed, devoted friends, fans, and pupils pieced them back together.
One of the reasons it has taken so long to build the church is Gaudi’s insistence that no government money be used to pay for it. The work has been funded exclusively by donors. These donors include thousands of tourists from all over the globe who pay an entrance fee to view the church each year.

After finish, the Sagrada Familia is going to have primary refuge for worship and eighteen big high towers. Elevators can throw you into the very top of two of the towers which are already finished for a stunning view of Barcelona.

The front of the church has been adorned with over a dozen scenes from the story of the Birth of Jesus designed by Gaudi. Every tableau consists of bigger than life sculptures. It is possible to observe a diversion of the Holy Family’s flight to Egypt, the visit of the Magi, the engagement of Mary and Joseph and a gruesome depiction of soldiers murdering all the baby boys in Bethlehem.

The back of the church has another set of scenes that are overburdened. These relate the narrative of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.
A distinguishing element on the side of this church is an immense engraved grid with three squares. Each square includes a number. There are 321 methods to include four distinct levels from such squares to produce the amount of 33, the number of years Jesus lived.

Gaudi adored the established world and used designs from a character in all of his buildings. A number of the Sagrada Familia’s towers look like honeycombs. The main sanctuary is encouraged with columns patterned after the trunks of giant California redwood trees. Natural light will filter in from over. Gaudi needed people to feel like they were sitting at the center of the woods since they worshipped.

I had been interested in the Sagrada Familia and the story of its creation. The building’s construction is indeed unique and comprises hundreds of interesting capabilities. You would need to spend days at the cathedral to find them all. I was only at the church for one day but I would really like to go back. Health and finances allowing I want to return to Barcelona and see the Sagrada Familia in its finished form, as Gaudi proposed it almost 150 years ago. Does anyone need to come together?

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