Best Beer’s for the Poker Game

Beer and more beer, there are so many beers out there now it is hard to pick one when you are sent off to get more beer for that Saturday night poker game for the boys.
After the poker game last week I asked the guys which beer they liked and why. It is funny how guys rate beer and what are their favorite beers.

Straight from the family room poker game here is the 10 top picks from 10 guys.

Hoss — Picked for its name
Style: Rye logger
Brewery: Great Divide
Brewing: Denver Colorado
This beer has a sweet and crispy with a woody undertones.

Hoptober—Picked by everyone as a good beer, yes that does mean me too.
Style: Golden Ale
Brewery: New Belgium
Brewing: Fort Collins Colorado
When you first small this beer it’s strong hops aroma comes through then you get the crisp honeylaced sweetness.

Marz Hon — Picked for how easy it is to chug! Rolls eyes!
Style: Marzen
Brewery: Clipper City
Brewing: Baltimore Maryland
A traditional Oktoberfest brew.

Upslope Pal Ale — Best Pale Ale money can buy
Style: Pale Ale
Brewery: Upslope Brewery
Brewing: Boulder Colorado
Over all great pale ale, with a smooth drinkability

Local 1 — picked for the best wine sub.
Style: Pale Ale
Brewery: Brooklyn-Brewery
Brewing: Brooklyn New York
This beers’ frothy head agen idn poker terbaik is so tall and inviting you want to thrust at it like a human size pillow.

Old Stock
Style: Ale
Brewery: North Coast
Brewing: Fort Bragg California
Think and hazelnutty with hits of Coco-cola and cherry .

Samuel Adams Noble Pils
Style: Pilsner
Brewery: Boston Beer Co
Brewing: Boston
Master brewer Jim Koch’s perfect summer bear is stiff and hops but has a clean and silky feel that never leaves you with a cotton mouth.

Style: Hefeweizen
Brewery: Pyramid
Brewing: Portland OR
This American-style wheat ale is light and refreshing, with just faint hints and citrus and caramel.

Blue Ball
Style: Porter
Brewery: Intercourse
Brewing: Wilkers-Barre PA
This quaffable flavored port sneaks up on you with subtle nudges of blueberry and hickory smoke.

Fat squirrel
Style: Brown Ale
Brewery: New Glarus
Brewing: New Glarus WI
Ok the name of this beer is misleading but it does have a sweety, nutty malty good time in a bottle.

There you have it the top 10 beers of our guy’s poker game.